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You have received this notification from CCTS Camera Concepts & Telescope Solutions because you are a registered user or you or some other registered user requested some information for you from our store.


                    高贵者最愚蠢,卑贱者最聪明! has recommended the following product to you:

Arcturus BinoViewer with Two 30mm Plossl Eyepieces-and-Two-Barlow-Attachments 

	* With our Binocular Viewer, you'll swear you are seeing in three dimensions! * Includes thread-on  Barlow lenses so you can choose between three levels of magnification * Hinged aluminum housing contains fully multi-coated BAK-4 prisms for high light transmission * Reflectors and short-focal length refractors may require the short  barlow lens * Includes storage case and caps for eyepiece holders and barrel.

	Our Arcturus Brand Binoviewers are new from the same plant in China that makes the same ones for other name brands such as William Optics, Celestron, Stellarvue, & Orion.
	Eyepieces shown in the photos are included!

Price: $169.95

Please click this link to see the product details:


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