[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#841349: Some corrections for the German translation of Mousepad

Hartmut Buhrmester Aeghair5-heiWohv3 at t-online.de
Wed Oct 19 17:19:15 UTC 2016

Package: mousepad
Version: 0.4.0-4

Some German translations in Mousepad 0.4.0 from Debian testing/Stretch 
don't sound right, and they may even be misleading:

The settings page for "Textbearbeitung" says:

     Reiterbreite: 4
     Reitermodus: Reiter einfügen

Automatischen Einzug aktivieren

The term "Einzug" doesn't sound quite right: An "Einzug" usually refers 
to a first line indentation. The term "Einrückung" would be better, 
because this refers to the indentation of a whole paragraph or code block.

In a text editor, a paragraph can have both an "Einrückung" for the 
complete paragraph, and an "Erstzeileneinzug" for the first line. The 
"Einzug" is measured relative to the rest of the paragraph and can be 
positive or negative: A "negativer Erstzeileneinzug" would be a hanging 
indentation, as used in lists.

The term "Reiter" is just wrong: The German "Reiter" is related to the 
English "rider". If you look up a dictionary, you will also find the 
translation "horseman". In a traditional office, a "Reiter" is the label 
on top of a hanging file. In an application, it is the tab on top of a 
tabbed window. But the mentioned settings page in Mousepad is not about 
tabbed windows, it is about indentation.

So a better translation would be:

     Breite: 4
     Typ: Tabulator einfügen

Automatische Einrückung aktivieren

You could also compare this to settings page in Geany: This just sounds 
right. (See the attached screen shot).

Hartmut Buhrmester
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