[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#765077: language selection still broken, after all these years

ian_bruce at mail.ru ian_bruce at mail.ru
Thu Dec 7 14:06:05 UTC 2017

I don't understand why this bug is marked "unreproducible". I find it
extremely reproducible, in that language selection ABSOLUTELY NEVER

quoting <pzs-fs at yandex.ru>:

> $LANG and $LANGUAGE are completely untouched by lightdm.
> ~/.dmrc is always written with correct settings on login

That is just exactly what happens. Has anybody observed anything

and quoting <p.brettner at bee.de>:

> Why can such Bugs life that long? And even reappear over 2-3 versions?
> No wonder that the acceptance for Linux on desktops is so low if such
> small but annoying things reappear every 2nd dist-upgrade. How should
> a casual user get around this whole stuff?

I have often wondered this, and not just in the context of this bug.
What's the point of writing software at all, if it's never going to be
made to work properly? It's almost as if nobody actually gives a rat's


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