[Pkg-xfce-devel] [LightDM] Linux container for X sessions

Simon Désaulniers sim.desaulniers at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 03:48:10 UTC 2017


I'm running lightdm and awesome window manager on debian. I don't want to file a
bug just yet, because I don't know if what I experience is choice of either the
devs or package maintainers.

When awesome is launched by lightdm and that I run the command "pgrep awesome"
inside lightdm, "awesome" doesn't show up as a running process. As if LightDM
was running awesome inside a separate container I cannot reach. This is a bit
tiring because, it has the effect that awesome is not aware of my shell
environment configs when I ask him to run some commands for me. For instance,
when I ask awesome to run

    printenv >/tmp/myenv

I can see that the username is set right, but my custom PATH is not set as per
my .bashrc file. In order to understand furthurmore, I did launch X (as root)
and awesome (as my username) manually and I was able to note that my environment
variables was now properly sourced, which was most expected.

Is this a bug or a feature? Can I disable this by configuring lightdm in its
config files? Do you have any advice?

I'm not sure if sending an email to this address will get me answers and if it
doesn't I will file a bug on the debian bug tracker.


Simon Désaulniers
sim.desaulniers at gmail.com
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