[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#857553: Bug#857553: xfce4-settings: "Disable Touchpad" duration is broken / rounded

BenWiederhake.GitHub BenWiederhake.GitHub at gmx.de
Sun Mar 12 14:35:26 UTC 2017


thanks for your quick response and pointers!

> For the current settings and the rounding, can you check what ends up in the
> input layer? You can use the xinput command to look into that. I don't use a
> touchpad so I can't really give more details.

Here's the behavior of `xinput --watch-props` with the right device ID.
- With 0.9 s, nothing gets logged when I type or when I touch the touchpad.
- With 1.1 s and a single keypress, it immediately says "Property 
'Synaptics Off' changed:  Synaptics off (283): 1", and after roughly 1 
second it says "Property 'Synaptics Off' changed:  Synaptics off (283): 0"
- With 1.1 s and several keypresses, it seems to correctly wait for 1.1 
seconds after keyboard activity ceased.

So it looks as if there's something "above" Synaptics responsible for 
the "disable for certain time" logic, and *that* logic has an issue.

Looking into the dialog's main.c, line 1998 appears to refer to the key 
'/DisableTouchpadDuration', which `xfconf-query -m -c pointers` 
verifies.  So the problem is indeed somewhere between xfconf (inclusive) 
and xinput (exclusive).

Where should I look next?  I'm currently reading xfconf's source to find 
the next step.


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