[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#857553: Bug#857553: xfce4-settings: "Disable Touchpad" duration is broken / rounded

BenWiederhake.GitHub BenWiederhake.GitHub at gmx.de
Sun Mar 12 15:18:45 UTC 2017

>> Here's the behavior of `xinput --watch-props` with the right device ID.
> Actually I think it might make sense to look at that *when you change the
> settings*.

I did, see previous mails: xinput only sees the "Synaptics Off" property 
changing.  xinput does *not* see anything related to "disable for time", 
so xinput is "too far down the chain".

>> Looking into the dialog's main.c, line 1998 appears to refer to the key
>> '/DisableTouchpadDuration', which `xfconf-query -m -c pointers`
>> verifies.
> What is stored there? The correct values or the rounded ones?

With the dialog set to 0.9:

$ xfconf-query -c pointers -p /DisableTouchpadDuration
$ LC_ALL=C xfconf-query -c pointers -p /DisableTouchpadDuration

And after setting it to 1.1:

$ xfconf-query -c pointers -p /DisableTouchpadDuration
$ LC_ALL=C xfconf-query -c pointers -p /DisableTouchpadDuration

I'm in a locale where decimals get printed by a comma, not a dot.
Is it possible that whoever reads from xfconf gets the "comma" format?

>> Where should I look next?  I'm currently reading xfconf's source to find
>> the next step.
> No, xfconf is not the right direction. Try to configure your touchpad using
> only the xinput commands, keep Xfce outside of the equation.

Yes, but which piece of software comes between xfconf and xinput?

(I tried these, but didn't get an answer to that question: lsof on 
xfconfd; lsof on xfsettings; xinput with various arguments; xfconf-query)


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