[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#524711: Bug#524711: xfwm4: New window placement problem

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Mon May 1 03:11:05 UTC 2017

>> When I turn off 2), all new windows appear underneath, which is not
>> what 
>> I want. I would like new windows to appear on top, but not above
>> (and 
>> therefore cover, and take mouse/keyboard focus) a window that is 
>> currently in the middle of a mouse/keyboard action.
> Well, then you don't want it “on top”. And basically a window can be
> on
> top but not have focus. (yes I know, this is really hard, and I guess
> it's harder for window manager developers :) )

The algorithm can be conceived:

Z-depth of new window should be set as "on top" at the point in time
when the user clicks/double-clicks the application icon or starts the
app from the cmd line.

the Z-depth of a newer window, i.e. an app started more recently in
time, should be higher again, even though the window for the
previously started app has not yet started.

We can conceive a window manager wrapper for all "gui" apps:
 - the wrapper passes through all options to the underlying program
 - the wrapper does a single thing in addition: it also "passes"
   somehow (perhaps via an environment variable), the desired Z-order
   for "windows about to be created"


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