[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#884802: Bug#884802: xfce4-panel: Undeletable buttons of nonexistent processes.

Lorenzo Ancora lorenzolucio at live.it
Mon Jan 1 16:37:13 UTC 2018

Openbox is a standard-compliant WM and the bar should be compatible with
it: I know that there is a huge community that uses Openbox with xfce,
like I do.

As you asked, I've run "xfwm4 --replace" and xfwm replaced Openbox; then
I repeated the same actions and the problem got even worse: the menu did
not track the windows correctly and, instead of leaving the "ghost
button", the desktop bar crashed and restarted itself automatically.

Like before, I'm sending a video (bugxfce_xfwm.webm), so you can see
that the bug persists and this new symptom.


PS: in the video the wmcube and the other invisible window are desktop
gadgets, applications that are hidden when using Openbox but xfwm shows
them in the bar. This is the expected behaviour, not a bug.

Il 01/01/2018 14:15, Yves-Alexis Perez ha scritto:
> On Sun, 2017-12-31 at 20:05 +0000, Lorenzo Ancora wrote:
>> Hello and happy new year,
>> I've registered a video (bugxfce.webm), so you'll be able to reproduce the problem.
> Hello,
> the initial explanation was clear enough. I'm able to reproduce the process,
> but not the problem. Can you try with xfwm4 / full Xfce desktop instead of
> openbox?
> Regards,

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