Call for testers: vorbis-tools

Conrad Parker conrad at
Sun Dec 10 06:32:34 CET 2006


Many patches to vorbis-tools have recently been merged in to Xiph.Org
svn trunk, including:

  - Add support for libFLAC-1.1.3 (Josh Coalson)
  - Add largefile support: for-upstream-largefile-support.diff
    (from Debian)
  - Fixed multichannel playback in ogg123 (Joachim Falk)
  - "Ogg123 plays an intermittent noise after two hours of playback"
    (Barry Bouwsma)
  - for_upstream-oggenc_inputfile_vs_input.wav.diff (from Debian)
  - for_upstream-manpage_typos.diff (from Debian)
  - for_upstream-mention_option_-R_in_vorbiscomment.1.diff (from Debian)
  - for_upstream-encodage_vs_codage_in_fr.po.diff (from Debian)
  - mooch-improve_vorbiscomment_help_output.diff (from Debian)
  - documentation fixes (Kyungjoon Lee, and others)

For details, see the svn logs:

Please test the current svn trunk:

  svn co

and report problems back to vorbis-dev at



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