RTP I-D copyrights (Fwd: Release-critical Bugreport for December 22, 2006)

Conrad Parker conrad at metadecks.org
Sat Dec 23 01:54:33 UTC 2006


I noticed a bug logged against libtheora in Debian:


relating to the copyright statement of the included Internet Draft for
RTP, and it appears the same issue could arise with the vorbis and
speex RTP drafts.

Details about the issue in general are at:


That page contains a section titled "Template for RFC authors to
release additional rights". To follow that guideline we should add a
section like the following to Internet Drafts:

x. Copying conditions

        The author(s) agree to grant third parties the irrevocable
        right to copy, use and distribute the work, with
        or without modification, in any medium, without royalty,
        provided that, unless separate permission is granted,
        redistributed modified works do not contain misleading
        author, version, name of work, or endorsement information.

For Debian, this issue is in principle release-critical but marked
ignore for the Etch release. If possible, let's modify the copyright
notices (upstream) rather than forcing the Debian maintainers to
remove the I-Ds from the source packages in future.



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