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Wed Feb 3 05:42:55 UTC 2010

A new Charity that hopes to bring Haiti's grandeur back. 

Dear Colleagues:

This letter is to inform you that after several years of pondering on how to help Haiti a new charity has 

been created. This charity is not like any other. We do not feed the people. Rather we teach them how to 

feed themselves. As the saying goes, it is better to teach someone how to fish rather to give them a fish. 

Our intend for this letter to be of any particular interest to you, your educational institution, and or 

organization; however, I know Haiti will soon regain its economical power house status, and I would hope 

your investment today will serve as a claim that you and your organization have taken part of that process. 

By doing so when the power house status is regained so would your business or individual recognition. I 

would appreciate if you can allow my charitable organization to be searched on your search engine for free 

or a waived fee.

It often sadden me when I see countries such as the Bahamas, Jamaica, and others advertising in major 

medias in attempt to lure tourists in their country. It saddened me because I know Haiti have so much to 

see, and offer as well. We are talking about over two hundred years of history, culture, and civilization. 

Secondly, we are talking about a country that paved the way for many others to be free today. Thirdly, we 

are talking about the first Black nation. Last, but not least, we are talking about beautiful mountains, 

beaches, people, and monuments. Unfortunately, we cannot enjoy these things as strangers, and worst, as 

Haitians because no one has made an effective attempt to sharpen Haiti’s appearance. 

Repair Haiti Charity focuses on fixing historical sites, and the roads leading to them. In other words, if 

we are fixing Pond Rouge, where Dessaline was assassinated, we will also fix any major roads that link to 

it. What good is fixing the site itself if people can not get to it? 

As a young man who left Haiti at an early age this is a vision I’ve always had. However, personal success 

has kept me from fulfilling it. At this point in my life I thought I would put my path to law school on 

hold to do this. However, I cannot to this without your help. Any assistance Repair Haiti Charity receives 

will be helpful. Assistance may range from financial aid, linking your website to repair Haiti’s, 

contacting governmental agencies to help us, or simply advocating on our behalf by telling friends and 

family members about us. 

Indeed, this is something that we at Repair Haiti are extremely serious about and are willing to make life 

long sacrifices to make it work. Our next project is set to take place this summer, where we plan to pick 

our first site to work on. Some of the sites on our list so far are: Pond Rouge, Fort Pierrot, and even the 


If you are asking how fixing historical sites would help better lives in Haiti then you should keep in mind 

the famous saying that if you build it then they will come. Also, it would help the economy. Keep in mind 

that at this point of time Haiti is dealing with a complex issue that has a variety of sources. However, 

there is a domino effect to it that the charity is trying to exploit. In the criminal justice field we 

often say that correlation does not signify causation. However, one cannot ignore the direct link between 

poverty, and crime. The domino effect may be that if roads are being fixed more people will be working. 

Also, if historical sites are being fixed more tourists will come. Consequently, that might mean less 

insecurity. One element helps the other in a domino effect. Relatively speaking, too many young people are 

not intone with their history, and their neighbors’ history. Fixing historical sites would provide them 

with a vivid image of the past, while boosting their sense of pride.

If Haiti had a more secure environment can you imagine how many major farming, hotel corporations, and etc 

that would be interested in doing business there because of lesser wage, not cheap labor, they would have 

to pay. Therefore, if you are a small business or a major corporation this is good reason for you to 

contribute to this project. Perhaps if you decide to expand your business in Haiti futuristically the 

people will take notice that you have been looking for their best interest even doing bad times. For those 

ordinary individuals who normally criticize how things are done in Haiti then this is your chance to help 

us do it differently. As I often say we always have answers for the word “what” which represents great 

ideas, but this charity is more concern about how are we going to get this done and when? 

I cannot dispute whether or not individuals, such as ex-president Jean Claude Duvalier, and Jean Bertrand 

Aristide, were what guys. Indeed, they had some good ideas. Maybe they did love their country. Whether they 

answered the how question or did the right thing for their country is debatable. Now as people who also 

love Haiti lets take this to the next level by giving a helping hand. This is not a hoax or a scam simply a 

passionate young man in collaboration with the ( UK RED CROSS ) trying to make a difference. For anyone who 

has been preaching the good word of making a difference perhaps this is your chance. If you would like to 

make a donation, Send your donations through Western Union Money Transfer OR MoneyGram to the paymeny 

Informations below. 


Remember no amount is too small to help this alivated earthquake victims of Haiti.Once the money is sent 

you are to forward to us the payment slip or information to enable us transfer it to the Haiti RED Cross 

Bank Account directly from London Red Cross. Together we can help build back Haiti.

please contact us at:

Repair Haiti Charity


E-MAIL: ehima.owen at


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