[Po4a-devel] Preparation of the next po4a 0.40.1 release

Omar Campagne ocampagne at gmail.com
Sat Jul 31 20:39:18 UTC 2010

> Done, I also made a last round of preventive unfuzzy for po/pod
> (corrected some more style stuff in the process). Omar seems to have
> unfuzzy everything po/bin (just added the s/ascii/ASCII/ one). I now
Hi, I didn't unfuzzy all po/bin files from the first correction. Will do
the remaining ones tomorrow morning. I already finished my own Spanish
correction, and I did insert the corrections I could find in the
English docs but for the one below.

Please, search for
"docbook-xsl - the stylesheet"
in the po(t) file.

It will take you to string which may look better with "the default
stylesheet" though I was unsure about that correction.
> plan to have a second look in html...

> (As a translator, I like to work with PO files, that's why I regenerated
> them, but feel free to continue and correct some more stuff before the
> call for translation).
Ok, thanks.

I will notify docs translators about the stylistc changes, as they have
a long deadline, and as they may have, i.e. "po" in their msgtrs where
"PO" appeared in msgids, previous to your corrections (hence unnoticed
to us as they weren't marked fuzzy).  I had to correct such things
during my Spanish review.

Omar Campagne Polaino

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