[Quantian-announce] New Quantian release available

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd@debian.org
Mon, 1 Nov 2004 21:38:46 -0600

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Executive Summary: 

    Quantian begins a new Quantian series based on Knoppix 3.6 and
    the corresponding clusterKnoppix release. The iso file of about 2.0 gb 
    contains updates throughout such as new Linux kernels 2.4.27 and 2.6,7,
    openMosix based on the 20040808 patches to 2.4.27 as well as a kernel 
    shared memory migration patch, KDE 3.2.3, R 2.0.0 and numerous other
    updates among the over 1900 Debian packages that comprise Quantian.

Announcing Quantian release

I   What is it?

    Quantian is a remastering of Knoppix, the self-configuring and directly
    bootable cdrom/dvd that turns any pc or laptop into a full-featured Linux
    workstation, and clusterKnoppix, which adds support for openMosix-based 
    cluster computing. However, Quantian differs from (cluster)Knoppix by
    adding a very large set of programs of interest to applied or theoretical
    workers in quantitative or data-driven fields. 

    See http://dirk.eddelbuettel.com/quantian.html for more details.

II  What is new?

    o First release based on Knoppix 3.6 [2] offering
        - Linux kernels 2.4.27 and 2.6.7, both ACPI-enabled.
        - KDE version 3.2.3 and GIMP version 2.0.
        - enhanced hardware autodetection and driver updates,
        - the FreeNX server from Fabian Franz,
        - ndiswrapper to load proprietary drivers for wireless network cards,
        - memtest86+ as boot option
        - captive-ntfs update
      and clusterKnoppix 
        - openMosix 2.4.27-om-20040808 based on http://openmosix.snarc.org
        - openmosix-tools 0.3.6-2
        - tyd 1.5 from Ian Latter, also options to boot nodes from Ian' chaos
          mini-distribution vai PXE clients (chaos kernel upgraded to 
          openmosix 2.4.27-om-20040808 and 2.4.27-om-migshm-20040808)
        - added: openswan 2.1.5, ipw2100, drbd, fuse, bcm4400 (debian package)
        - new feature: option to boot 2.4.27-om-migshm-20040808 from 
          http://dev.gentoo.org/~voxus/om/ for shared memory migration

    o Quantian includes everything contained in release aka 0.6, and aka 0.5 with the exception of added CRAN/BioC packages.  Numerous
      packages were updated, including R 2.0.0 and Octave 2.1.60,
      Meta-packages are also included from several Debian subprojects:
        - everything from Debian-Med with the exception of med-cms is included
        - everything from Debian-Edu is included
        - from Debian-Junior, the kde, math, programming and puzzle packages
          are included.
      A few new packages such as ddd and slicot were added to complement the
      existing set of now over 1900 Debian packages installed with Quantian.

      CRAN packages for R should get added back in once I get time to complete
      work on the script used to build Debian packages off the 500-some CRAN

      Full details are in the package lists at
    o Total size is currently about 2.0 gb for the compressed iso image,
      corresponding to around 4.4 gb of uncompressed software.

    o The previous version was also relabelled 0.6 -- no need to
      re-download this version as it is identical.  This version has been
      seen to be stable, hence the new label as the official 0.6 release for
      this final version of pre-0.6 releases.

    o Still with two "main" download sites:
        - West Coast at University of Washington in Seattle, Washington:
          which also provides bittorrents and bittorrent monitors:
        - East Coast on Greg Warnes' machine research.warnes.net
          hosted at the CS department at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut:
         (where the normal link
         is currently broken but should return in due course).

      as well Debian's Alioth host containing the most recent release only:

    o And two mailing lists for Quantian

        quantian-announce	  for announcements, intended to be low volume
        quantian-general	  for general discussions about Quantian

      available via


      for subscription info etc., and start using the quantian-general lists
      for general questions, comments, suggestions or discussions about 

      Quantian-general is subscribed to quantian-announce, so you only need
      to subscribe to one (but can of course subscribe to both).

      I also set the Reply-To: for this message to
      quantian-general@lists.alioth.debian.org   so that discussions can be
      continued on the list.

    o See http://dirk.eddelbuettel.com/quantian/changelog.html for details.

III Where do I get it?

    o Downloads are available from the main hosts already listed above, i.e.
      on the West Coast at
      and at the East Coast at
      (where the normal link
       is currently broken but should return in due course).

      The most recent release is also available at

    o Bittorrents are available at
      and also at the nicer overview pahe
      once the bittorrents indices are updated.
      In CT, torrents should become available in

    o European mirrors, bittorrent site and cdrom vendors will hopefully
      catch up over the next few days. See 

      for download info.

IV  Known Bugs

    o Sound does not appear to get configured on my laptops.

V   Other items

    o Feedback / poll on package additions or removal

      As always, I welcome comments and suggestions about programs to be
      added or removed. Existing Debian packages get pushed to the front of
      the line.

      Please send feedback, questions, comments, ... to the 

      list to maximise the number of eyes glancing at any one question.

VI Notes

    [1] This email is sent via the quantian-announce mailing list. I have
        subscribed those whose email addresses are in my quantian mail folder 
        due to prior emails. The quantian-announce mailing list only sends
        moderator-approved post -- so there should be no spam whatsoever. I 
        also added LWN and DWN who had run previous announcements, and as 
        suggested, the openmosix-general, clusterknoppix and debian-knoppix 
        lists. Anybody who considers this unwanted is kindly asked to send me
        a private mail to get unsubscribed immediately.

    [2] Knoppix 3.5 was released only during the Linuxtag exhibition in
        Germany whereas 'official' Knoppix releases jumped from 3.4 to 3.6.

Best regards,  Dirk

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