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Sat Aug 2 01:42:51 UTC 2008

 From The Desk Mr.Lee Chang Manager.
Big Globe Company
Import & Export (BGIEC)
Address:338 Ying Avenue,
Tokyo, Japan.OUR REF# : CET2334-U
Foreign Trade and Economy Cooperation.

I represent Big Globe Import & Export Company in Japan (abreviated as BGIEC)
was founded in 1997, under the leadership of Council of Foreign Trade and
Economy Cooperation of Tokyo In the year  1998, the Company was authorized to
do foreign trade business independently. In the year 1999, the Company was
reformed into a stock company. Approved by the [2001] No.7 Document issued by
Japan Stock Supervising and Administrating Council, the Companys stock was
listed in Japan  Stock Exchange in March 6th, 2002.

It is upon this note that we are writing you this mail to seek your assistance
in representing our company in your locality as our representative, If you are
interested send enquiry form to Email:changleemanager111 at gmail.com

1)Your Full Name:
2)Your Current Address:
3)Your City & State:
4)Your Zip Code:
5)Your Phone Numbers:
6)Your Age: 36-45 46-55 55+:
7)Your Occupation:
8)Your Nationality:
9)Your Poster Address Code:
10)Your Email Address:

Once again, thanks for your co-operations.
Best Regard,
Lee Chang.
Big Globe Import & Export Company Japan
Get back to me with all transaction immediatly.
Email : changleemanager111 at gmail.com

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