[Reportbug-maint] merging common stuff in python-debianbts?

Ben Finney ben+debian at benfinney.id.au
Fri Jun 13 08:01:55 UTC 2008

"Sandro Tosi" <matrixhasu at gmail.com> writes:

> > Should we even bother to specify the HTML webscraping, though?
> > Shouldn't we use the more structured and direct SOAP interface
> > primarily, instead of codifying web-scraping as a common supported
> > interface?
> Sure I'd like to switch to SOAP instead of html parsing.

Though SOAP would not be my ideal choice, I would be satisfied with a
specification/implementation that uses the SOAP interface. So that
might be something to aim for as a common ground between the projects.

> > Are we talking about an interface to the Debian BTS only, or to
> > any 'debbugs' instance? If the latter, it would make more sense
> > for the package to be named so it's associated with 'debbugs';
> > e.g. 'python-debbugs'.
> Oh, well, I don't have a preference here: I'd simply like to have a
> module to provide debian BTS query functionality, and reportbug to
> use it; apart from that, any other functionality is welcome but,
> from reportbug point-of-view, Debian bts is the main target.

Since reportbug allows use with other debbugs instances, it would be
good to avoid a namespace implying "Debian BTS only". I'll use the
name 'debbugs' as a namespace for this common functionality.

> ideally, the general sid freeze will start at mid/end july

I presume you mean "lenny" here, not "sid"?

> so I'd like to prepare a "legacy" (i.e. the current code) version
> with as many fixes as possible for lenny, and then from lenny+1
> start to work more deeply on the shiny new version of reportbug.

That sounds fine to me. I think the features already in place are good
enough to go into the "lenny" freeze.

It would be good to also have a "development" branch in our VCS, to
allow features to continue development during the freeze. Does someone
(more Subversion-savvy than me) want to set up such a branch for work
that isn't intended to make it in for the "lenny" freeze?

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