[Reportbug-maint] Bug#487674: Bug#487674: reportbug: locks up on non 8-bit chars in subject line

Chris Lawrence lawrencc at debian.org
Mon Jun 23 23:15:30 UTC 2008

This one's a bit odd; Tim's locale is being detected as an ISO-8859-1
locale (see the log), not UTF-8.  I'd imagine spewing ISO-8859-1 to a
terminal that's expecting UTF-8 will make things explode rather in all
sorts of interesting ways, no matter what program you're using--I'd be
shocked if even "man" works right on this terminal, with its use of
extended hyphens and quotation marks.

Switching from en_AU to en_AU.UTF-8 should fix things; this may
require a dpkg-reconfigure -plow locales to establish the needed
locale and then a choice at gdm/kdm/whatever to change into the UTF-8


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