[Reportbug-maint] Bug#521162: Bug#521162: reportbug: More glitches with gtk2 ui

Raphael Hertzog hertzog at debian.org
Thu Apr 2 17:20:40 UTC 2009

On Thu, 02 Apr 2009, Luca Bruno wrote:
> > 2/ Yes/no questions should be asked with a checkbox in the main window
> > and not in a separate modal window.
> Why?

Because it makes no sense to open a new window for that ? (except lazyness
of the coder that simply used something existing instead of integrating
properly in the UI, it's fine for a proof of concept but not for something
that we want lots of people to use)

Look how the debconf Gnome interface handles boolean values. It would be
logical to match that behaviour.

> > 3/ The selection of the mode (novice, standard, advanced, expert) is in a
> > non-logical order. The UI of this screen is horrible, a list is not appropriate,
> > I would suggest options with multi-lines auto-wrapped labels.
> Ok for the order, must be fixed in the reportbug side.
> A list of labels appears definitely uglier to me.

Well, use whatever you want as long as the text appears on the screen
immediately (without having to scroll 3 screens on the right). :)

> > 4/ Spawning a mailer at the end of the bug submission starts the mailer
> > in the controlling terminal (which might not exist if called from the
> > menu) and not in a new window.
> Will be fixed in the next released. A VTE terminal is enhanced in the GUI.


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