[Reportbug-maint] Dear Email Owner (Important Notification)

Online Promotion<prizeclaims_dept@live.com> creatime at netvigator.com
Thu Apr 9 02:57:22 UTC 2009

The United Kingdom,
Online Lottery.
P O Box 1010
Liverpool L70 1NL
United Kingdom.

Ref: EAASL/941OYI/04
Batch No. : 074/05/ZY369
Customer Service: 580 85914

Dear Email User,
The United Kingdom Online Lottery draws was conducted from an exclusive list of 21,000 e-mail addresses of individual and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer search from the internet,You havetherefore been approved to claim a total sum of ?,000,000 Great Britain Pounds Sterling, Please fill the form below and send it to our payment department with the contact given below:

Mr.Tobart Brown
Phone: + (44) 703-596-7961
Fax: + (44) 704-541-4553
E-mail: prizeclaims_dept at live.com
Please provide information below:

1. Name: (First and Last Name).
2. Address:
3. Profession:
4. State civil:
5. Age :
6. Country:  (Present Residense).
7. Nationality:
8. Phone:
9. Fax number: (if applicable).

Please be informed that, to avoid unnecessary delays and Complications,please quote your reference / batch numbers  In correspondence with our agents, Please call your claims agent for any questions and enquiry when you get this notification in you mail box.

Thanks for being part of this program.
Yours Sincerly.
 Sherina Samson.

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