[Reportbug-maint] Bug#511015: (no subject)

Carl Holmberg cmholm at mauiholm.org
Tue Feb 3 04:40:52 UTC 2009

> Could you please try the solution I already gave on this bug,
> reporting if it works or not? The original report IS NOT a bug in
> reportbug.

Your suggestion may be technically correct, but impractical. I'm 
having a similar issue, superficially pointing to the failed reportbug 
install after a 'sudo apt-get update | sudo apt-get upgrade' within 
etch. For me, the 'true' cause of the problem has fallen off my terminal 
buffer (and I don't yet know where else to look). 

A 'sudo apt-get remove python2.4-minimal' returns a list of 162 packages 
that will be removed in the process. I suspect I (or the original 
poster) are going to have more problems than an inability to use 
apt-get if I press 'Y'.

Other posts revolving around failed reportbug installs seem to focus 
on pycentral, which has problems if pyversions -r 'current' isn't 
returning a valid string. I applied a patch so that pyversions returns 
(in my case) "python2.4", rather than the previous "pythonin/python2.
4". But, still no joy.

Carl Holmberg
Kihei, HI, USA

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