[Reportbug-maint] Move to git?

Ben Finney ben+debian at benfinney.id.au
Tue Feb 24 09:43:15 UTC 2009

Sandro Tosi <morph at debian.org> writes:

> It's been some months since I was using git (with git-svn bridge)
> with reportbug code base, and I admit it's really powerful, in
> particular the feature branch workflow.

I wonder how you'd feel about Bazaar, then, with its very smooth
operation of many different workflows, which can be chosen and/or
later changed as appropriate in each situation.

> AFAICS, Chris used it when splitting out python-reportbug module,
> and Luca (the GTK+ UI contributor) used it too.
> That said, why don't move from svn to git directly? I volunteer to
> do the switch. If I don't receive any "STOP" email within a week or
> so, I'll convert the svn repo (maintaining the history) to a git
> one.

I've long been of the opinion that moving from Subversion to one of
{Bazaar, Git, Mercurial} is needed. That lists them in order of my
preference, but I would applaud a move away from Subversion to any one
of those.

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