[Reportbug-maint] Bug#524099: reportbug: Truncate lines width in bug description

Apelete Seketeli apelete at seketeli.org
Fri Jun 12 08:27:07 UTC 2009


> I think this bug already shows the problems: Apelete wrote long
> sentences that are not wrapped to a given column (usually 80 or 72).
> This will lead to the need of *horizontal* scrolling, really annoying.

That's it Sandro, you understood exactly what I was trying to describe.

> I do think this is something the the MUA / EDITOR used should no and
> *NOT* reportbug (there are lines that *needs* to be long, like errors
> / stack straces & co).

I thought the same, but since I write my bug reports in the terminal
using Vim (this one is written from Gmail web interface though) I
reported the bug against this package.
Perhaps there's a config option in Vim to tell it to wrap the text to
a given column...I definitely should look into that. If text wrapping
isn't available in Vim (and I seriously doubt that), I may have to
switch to another editor :'(.

Perhaps something should be written in the README.Users file, to tell
people to enable text wrapping in their editor or switch to an editor
that support it.
Anyway, I'll try investigating this Vim text wrappping option when I
have some time, and keep you informed.

Apelete Seketeli <apelete at seketeli.org>

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