[Reportbug-maint] Bug#210237: reportbug: Reason to allow multiple bug submission

chaica chaica at ohmytux.com
Mon Jun 15 19:14:14 UTC 2009


Is this bug report a "won't fix" ? It seems a big change to allow reportbug
to report about several bugs.

Carl Chenet

> I agree with the fact that the same bug  should not be filed against
> unrelatet packege (since it could be fixed for one and not for another) but
> i would appreciate an option to do it simultaneously, giving two or more
> bug numbers, in this way having a crossreference (the bug would have in the
> title .. see also #nnnnn , and this for any report, inclusive the first one.
> Beside this, if all the packges follos dsfg a once a patch fixes one could
> also be "passed" to the others. 

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