[Reportbug-maint] Bug#372720: Mode experts allows to bypass the reportbug criticity limitations

Simon Waters simon at technocool.net
Tue Jun 23 11:58:35 UTC 2009

Sandro Tosi wrote:
> do you find this solution acceptable? Can we then consider this bug closed?

I feel it is unacceptable, but it comes down to Debian policy and 
procedure issues I'm not familiar enough to comment on.

The point of this mode is to guide users unfamiliar with Debian policy 
to make a good bug report, this bug refers to a feature that in some 
cases they will file a bug as Grave, when it should be Critical.

If Debian procedures ensure Grave bugs are reviewed as promptly as 
Critical bugs, then this bug is unimportant (but then why have a 
Critical level in that case?). If not, then this bug might result in 
Critical issues not being dealt with as promptly as they should.

I don't think we can assume people using a mode to assist them with bug 
reporting will use an expert mode or other workaround (email the bug 
system), they may assume that the tool is doing the "right thing".

I appreciate it is difficult, as there are competing interests in 
reducing spurious reporting of critical bugs, and also of ensuring 
genuinely critical issues are dealt with promptly.

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