[Reportbug-maint] Bug#547091: --file: mention that "paths" are actually regexps, if dlocate is installed

jidanni at jidanni.org jidanni at jidanni.org
Thu Sep 17 00:57:44 UTC 2009

Package: reportbug
Version: 4.7
Severity: minor
File: /usr/share/man/man1/reportbug.1.gz


       -f FILENAME, --filename=FILENAME
              Report  a  bug  in  the  package containing FILENAME so you don't have to figure out what package the file
              belongs to.  The path will be searched for an exact path for FILENAME before  attempting  to  broaden  the
              search to all files.

       --path If  the -f option is also specified, only search the path for the specified FILENAME.  Specifying an abso-
              lute path with the -f option (i.e. one beginning with a /) overrides this behavior.

Well, you had better mention that your paths are actually regular
$ reportbug --template -f /etc/xpdf/xpdfrc
Finding package for '/etc/xpdf/xpdfrc'...
Please re-run reportbug selecting one of these packages:
$ dlocate -S /etc/xpdf/xpdfrc
xpdf-chinese-traditional: /etc/xpdf/xpdfrc-chinese-traditional...
xpdf-common: /etc/xpdf/xpdfrc
$ dlocate -S /etc/xpdf/xpdfrc$
xpdf-common: /etc/xpdf/xpdfrc
$ reportbug --template -f /etc/xpdf/xpdfrc$
Finding package for '/etc/xpdf/xpdfrc$'...
Using package 'xpdf-common'...
Package: xpdf-common
Version: 3.02-1.4+lenny1
Severity: wishlist
File: /etc/xpdf/xpdfrc$ <---I thought it was working great, until I noticed the $ appended.

However, if in /usr/share/pyshared/reportbug/utils.py

  def search_pipe(searchfile, use_dlocate=True):
      arg = commands.mkarg(searchfile)
      if use_dlocate and os.path.exists('/usr/bin/dlocate'):
          pipe = os.popen('COLUMNS=79 dlocate -S %s 2>/dev/null' % arg)

we don't end up using dlocate, then reportbug will use this:

$ dpkg --search /etc/xpdf/xpdfrc
xpdf-common: /etc/xpdf/xpdfrc
$ dpkg --search /etc/xpdf/xpdfrc$
dpkg: /etc/xpdf/xpdfrc$ not found.

I.e., "dammed if you do, dammed if you don't"...
So I don't know exactly what you want to say on the man page... it would
be too complicated.

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