Ms. Patricia Adams office.file4276 at att.net
Mon May 10 15:58:19 UTC 2010

My Dear ,

How are you?

This is Ms.Patricia Adams  who wrote to you some time ago seeking for your assistance to transfer some funds into your account. Although we could not finish the transaction because of some little financial set-back at your end, i wish to inform you here that I have successfully transacted with a God-Given trustworthy man who has helped me and my Health in the time of needs, also i am successfully residing in spain where i want to re-establish myself. 


I have  written and dropped a check of  € 950,000.00  to you personally as compensation for all your intentions to assist me then, this is my pure appreciation to you, and I have pleaded with a very good friend to direct you on how you will recieve the cheque and a letter attached to it. please i want you to accept it in good faith and for the good intentions and plans you have for  cancer and heart foundation's also for the youths and charity organizations in your country. 


Have you received it?   reply  me so that we can discuss  further, some other businesses in your area as i hoped to make some investment too in your country. In case you have not received the cheque. 

kindly contact:

Dr. Walid Hassan

dr.walidhassan at sify.com

phone# 00229-9370-7276


Best regards,              

Ms. Patricia Adams  

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