[Reportbug-maint] Bug#632377: reportbug: please make --template ignore MUA settings exiting.

Jakub Wilk jwilk at debian.org
Tue Aug 16 10:42:39 UTC 2011

retitle 632377 reportbug: please make --template ignore MUA settings
severity 632377 wishlist

* Sandro Tosi <morph at debian.org>, 2011-08-16, 01:38:
>>I installed reportbug in a clean chroot and tried this:
>>$ reportbug --template reportbug
>>Selected mail user agent cannot be found; exiting.
>Can you still replicate this bug? I've just tried logging into my 
>pbuilder chroot, installing latest reportbug (+ to make it work: sed -i 
>'s/MIN_USER_ID = 250/MIN_USER_ID = 0/' /usr/bin/reportbug) and 
>--template works as expected. Could it be your chroot had a config file 
>somewhere with a mua configured in it?

Oops, indeed. (Not exeactly in the chroot: I had /home bind-mounted. 
I've been using reportbug --template in chroot for years, and somehow 
never managed to trigger this behavior. So I was quite surprised to see 
such an error message soon after a reportbug upgrade. Sorry for the 

So I'm turning this into a wishlist bug. Could reportbug be kind enough 
to ignore MUA settings from configuration files if --template is being 
used? Thanks!

Jakub Wilk

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