[Reportbug-maint] Bug#640249: reportbug ignores e-mail settings

Kevin Locke kevin at kevinlocke.name
Thu Sep 22 18:58:10 UTC 2011

Package: reportbug
Version: 6.2.1
Followup-For: Bug #640249

Dear Maintainers,

I believe this is a regression introduced by the fix to bug #614880,
which reintroduced bug #270333.  Reportbug is no longer setting the
envelope from address when sending emails.  Note that in the response
that was pasted I see no indication of the envelope from address, only
the message From header.

I contend that it is not reasonable to expect users to have local MTAs
configured to canonicalize/masquerade local user account names to public
addresses and that there are legitimate cases where users will want to
report bugs with addresses different than whatever their default
envelope sender is.  Also that the From header should match the envelope
sender, where possible.

To accomodate cases such as the one discussed in #614880, perhaps an
additional envelope_from configuration option could be added (or
use_envelope_from boolean)?

Also, this might be worth a note in NEWS so that users are aware of the
behavior before their bug reports start bouncing.


-- Package-specific info:
** Environment settings:

** /home/kevin/.reportbugrc:
reportbug_version "3.8"
mode standard
ui text
realname "Kevin Locke"
email "kevin at kevinlocke.name"

-- System Information:
Debian Release: wheezy/sid
  APT prefers testing
  APT policy: (990, 'testing'), (500, 'unstable'), (101, 'experimental')
Architecture: i386 (i686)

Kernel: Linux 3.0.4-kevinoid1 (SMP w/2 CPU cores; PREEMPT)
Locale: LANG=en_US.UTF-8, LC_CTYPE=en_US.UTF-8 (charmap=UTF-8)
Shell: /bin/sh linked to /bin/dash

Versions of packages reportbug depends on:
ii  apt     
ii  python            2.6.7-3 
ii  python-reportbug  6.2.1   

reportbug recommends no packages.

Versions of packages reportbug suggests:
ii  debconf-utils                            1.5.40     
ii  debsums                                  <none>     
ii  dlocate                                  <none>     
ii  emacs22-bin-common | emacs23-bin-common  <none>     
ii  file                                     5.08-1     
ii  gnupg                                    1.4.11-3   
ii  postfix [mail-transport-agent]           2.8.3-1    
ii  python-gtk2                              2.24.0-2   
ii  python-gtkspell                          <none>     
ii  python-urwid                             <none>     
ii  python-vte                               <none>     
ii  xdg-utils                                1.1.0~rc1-2

-- no debconf information

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