[Reportbug-maint] Bug#680465: Acknowledgement (reportbug: crash if tilde ("~") is used in output file path -- data lost!)

Frell Remailer godot at remailer.frell.eu.org
Fri Jul 6 03:50:38 UTC 2012

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<fritz at rodent.frell.theremailer.net>, please ignore this message.

The Frell Remailer is a free service that allows individuals to communicate
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To block individuals using this remailer from sending email to your
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containing the line

destination-block 680465 at bugs.debian.org

anywhere in the body text of the email.  You can simply forward this
entire email to <godot at remailer.frell.eu.org> using your email
program for your current email address to be permanently blocked
from users of the Frell Remailer.

For more information about the Frell Remailer Administrator's
strict anti-abuse policy, please send a blank email to
<abuse at frell.theremailer.net>


-- The Frell Remailer Administrators

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