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reportbug (6.4) unstable; urgency=low
  * reportbug/checkversions.py
    - match version on the precise architecture, not just check string
      inclusiong; thanks to Nelson de Oliveira for the report; Closes: #650651
    - include arch:all in package versions lookup; thanks to Hilmar Preuße for
      the report; Closes: #673204
  * bin/reportbug
    - clarify the menu title when presenting more packages; thanks to Alois
      Mahdal for the report; Closes: #654165
  * reportbug/ui/{text, urwid}_ui.py
    - sort bug numerically; thanks to Matthias Urlichs for the report;
      Closes: #657616
  * reportbug/debbugs.py
    - initialize varibles needed to handle ftp.debian.org section change
      requests, so reportbug won't crash if proper values (for section and
      priority) is not found; thanks to James McCoy for the report;
      Closes: #658748
    - support release team generating "ben" files when requesting a transition;
      thanks to Niels Thykier for the report and patch; Closes: #672722
  * reportbug/utils.py
    - correctly report the installation status for each dependency packages, not
      just the last status applied to each pkgs; thanks to Piotr Engelking for
      the report; Closes: #657753
    - Fix crash when using claws-mail as a mailer; thanks to Valentin Lorentz
      for the report and (partial) patch: Closes: #667543
  * reportbug/utils.py, debian/control
    - updated claws-mail command to use the new cli switch to compose a mail
      from a file (adding a versioned depends); thanks to David Paleino for the
      report; Closes: #661221
  * debian/control
    - added python-mock to b-d-i, needed for the test suite
    - bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3 (no changes needed)
  * reportbug/{debbugs, utils}.py
    - report foreign architectures information (if m-a); thanks to Cyril
      Brulebois for the report; Closes: #658795
  * bin/reportbug, man/reportbug.*
    - fix several typos; thanks to Simon Kainz for the report and patch;
      Closes: #669249
  * bin/reportbug, reportbug/utils.py
    - initial support for multi-arch: keep arch-qualifier and remove it just
      before preparing the report body; Closes: #666469
  * Extend my copyright years to include 2012

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