[Reportbug-maint] Bug#673534: reportbug: supplying an e-mail address should be optional, not required

marc.carter-ceqosy2 at cool.fr.nf marc.carter-ceqosy2 at cool.fr.nf
Sun May 20 15:12:28 UTC 2012

>> It's foolish to require a bug submitter to supply an email address.
>I stop here. Debian BTS is email-based, so you *need* a working email
>address in order to be contacted by who needs to get your input.


In principle, of course an e-mail address is not required.  Followup
questions are already posted publically.  A working email is only
"needed" because of a misguided design limitation of the reportbug
tool.  The design is broken.

The current lousy design is like someone sending a public mailing list
reply, and then sending a private copy to someone who reads the public
channel anyway, resulting in two copies, one of which pollutes a
private inbox beyond the control of the recipient.  Like spam.  Only
this time it's not an individual fool doing it, but a systemic issue
inherent in a broken system.

>I'm closing this report, it has nothing to do with reportbug.

Of course it has to do with reportbug.  Reportbug needlessly requires
a needless field.  E-mail with "no_reply at blahblah.tld" in the FROM
field is both SMTP and RFC compliant.

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