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Adel BELHABIBE adel.belhabibe at live.fr
Fri Sep 28 14:38:40 UTC 2012


name is Adel BELHABIBE, I am a student at Ingésup, which is a
computer engineering school in Paris, and  I want to report you a bug
about dash.
realized a little problem when using the e option of the echo
command,  this option effectively allows the consideration of special
characters (\n, \t, ...etc.)  that said, after execution of the
command line, the result is not the desired one ----> it displays
the -e character followed by  the
character corresponding to
what I
wanted to use (\t \c...etc.=> man echo).
Upon reflection, I
concluded that the problem was that dash is not doing his job, he's
not compatible with the shell bourne UNIX. 
The problem was solved
after I put myself on root's rights, removed the symbolic link sh
(which was referencing to dash at bin directory) and have replaced it
using command “ln -s bash sh” to create a new one that references
to bash.
(See attached image) 

bash makes service but this is not the norm, dahs is supposed to
represent the bourne shell  but he does not.
hope this report is useful and that this bug will be

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