[Reportbug-maint] Bug#773346: [pkg-apparmor] Bug#773346: reportbug should provide information about active LSM

Sandro Tosi morph at debian.org
Wed Dec 17 19:16:36 UTC 2014

> Many bugs reported to the Ubuntu bug database include dmesg, or filtered
> dmesg, and it has proven very useful in determining to what extent
> incorrect AppArmor policies can be blamed for specific problems, and
> more importantly, what the solution may be. (It's also been very useful
> for discovering which problems are likely hardware issues, e.g. due to
> failing hard drives.)

please let's not diverge the topic of this report, and if you feel
dmesg should be included in *each and every report*, then please bring
that discussion on debian-devel for broader audience.

> Including, or offering to include, some AppArmor log messages may be a
> nice extension of this feature request.

I think that poses some privacy concerns and that would have to be
included in each report (of a system when apparmor is running)
bloating them for little gain if the bug is not apparmor-related, so I
want just to include a small not of a LSM running and what it is.

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