[Reportbug-maint] Bug#532150: Bug#532150: reportbug: [regression] no longer supports custom mua commands

David Steele steele at debian.org
Sun Jun 25 21:06:48 UTC 2017

chaica wrote:

> Allowing custom muas outside supported muas exclude the possibility to give
> feedback to the user about what happened *after* reportbug gave the bug
> report to the mua. How can reportbug know if your script/custom software is
> available on your system and efficiently working ? What error code should
> reportbug wait to inform the user the bug report failed to be sent ? We
> chose to only support some muas in order to provide a better efficienty
> using reportbug. And we did it because some users reported bugs *because*
> reportbug was not alerting them when the mua failed and finally was not
> doing its job.
> I think the main idea is to guarantee the user that the bug report will
> efficiently be sent through every options offered by reportbug.

My apologies - I submitted the patch in 865792 before spotting this entry.

The patch supports the mua_exists() call, and has error handling/detection
in the custom case that is equivalent to the supported muas.

Personally, I'd expect a decent mua (vs. an mta) to show the user what it is
going to send/has sent. In any case, you could make it clear that custom mua's
are the buyer's responsibility.

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