[Reportbug-maint] Bug#788045: reportbug: patch - use the default desktop mua

Paul Wise pabs at debian.org
Thu Jun 29 02:19:35 UTC 2017

Control: tags -1 - patch

Disclaimer: I'm not the maintainer of reportbug but...

I don't think this patch is quite ready yet, see below.

On Wed, 2017-06-28 at 10:41 -0400, David Steele wrote:

> The attached patch adds a "desktop-default" option

I might be wrong but I think individual options for choosing an MUA are
deprecated and you should instead use a parameter to the --mua option. 

I also think you should call it xdg-email not desktop-default for
precision about what it does, there is no /usr/bin/desktop-default.

> via xdg-open and a "mailto" URI.

I'd strongly suggest using xdg-email *not* xdg-open, the latter might
not work for mailto but the former is more likely to work.

In addition, xdg-email allows you to specify attachments, which IIRC
reportbug can sometimes use. xdg-open cannot add attachments.

> Note that this drops headers that are not

I don't think that is acceptable since reportbug sets a number of other
headers. mailto URLs can contain arbitrary headers anyway.

> "X-Debbugs-Cc" would need to be moved to a pseudo-header.

I think this should happen anyway, so that people receiving XCCs
understand why they are getting a bug they did not expect.

> I dropped a stopgap measure that moved X-Debug-Cc entries to Cc.

You should never CC folks on a submit@ mail, so thanks for dropping it.

PS: I think use of ui.system breaks this under the GTK+ UI.

PPS: I note that the emacsclient MUA and viewing in a pager use it too.

PPPS: *never* run external commands from python via os.system or
equivalent (such as ui.system) unless you are using a hard-coded string
for the command. Using dynamically calculated or user-provided data is
likely to create issues when there are shell meta-characters present. 

PPPPS: if you are interested in expanding the MUA support of reportbug,
I would suggest looking at reportbug-ng, which even supports webmail
like gmail.com (in commented-out code that actually works). Personally,
I think the MUA handling code of both reportbug and reportbug-ng needs
to be factored out into a Python library that both tools can use.


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