[Reportbug-maint] Bug#881955: reportbug: Subject header encoding not RFC2047-compliant (too long)

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Thu Nov 16 21:29:49 UTC 2017

Package: reportbug
Version: 7.1.7
Severity: normal

The “Subject” header for a bug I reported (#881954) literally reads:

Subject: =?utf-8?q?uscan=3A_=E2=80=9Cuser_specified_script=E2=80=9D_stderr_not_passed_through_concurrently?=

This is too long; RFC2047 encoding also requires there to
be no overlong lines and to break at multibyte character
boundaries (note that most Perl and Python libraries to
encode headers suffer from similar bugs, which I already
reported to Debian).

-- Package-specific info:
** Environment settings:
DEBEMAIL="Thorsten Glaser <tg at mirbsd.de>"

** /home/tglase/.reportbugrc:
reportbug_version "6.6.6"
mode advanced
ui text

-- System Information:
Debian Release: buster/sid
  APT prefers unreleased
  APT policy: (500, 'unreleased'), (500, 'buildd-unstable'), (500, 'unstable')
Architecture: x32 (x86_64)
Foreign Architectures: i386, amd64

Kernel: Linux 4.12.0-1-amd64 (SMP w/8 CPU cores)
Locale: LANG=C, LC_CTYPE=C.UTF-8 (charmap=UTF-8), LANGUAGE=C (charmap=UTF-8)
Shell: /bin/sh linked to /bin/lksh
Init: sysvinit (via /sbin/init)

Versions of packages reportbug depends on:
ii  apt                1.6~alpha4
ii  python3            3.6.3-2
ii  python3-reportbug  7.1.7

reportbug recommends no packages.

Versions of packages reportbug suggests:
pn  claws-mail                               <none>
ii  debconf-utils                            1.5.64
ii  debsums                                  2.2.2
pn  dlocate                                  <none>
pn  emacs24-bin-common | emacs25-bin-common  <none>
ii  file                                     1:5.32-1
ii  gir1.2-gtk-3.0                           3.22.25-1
pn  gir1.2-vte-2.91                          <none>
ii  gnupg                                    2.2.2-1
ii  postfix [mail-transport-agent]           3.2.3-1
pn  python3-gi                               <none>
pn  python3-gi-cairo                         <none>
pn  python3-gtkspellcheck                    <none>
pn  python3-urwid                            <none>
ii  xdg-utils                                1.1.2-1

Versions of packages python3-reportbug depends on:
ii  apt                1.6~alpha4
ii  file               1:5.32-1
ii  python3            3.6.3-2
ii  python3-debian     0.1.31
ii  python3-debianbts  2.7.1
ii  python3-requests   2.18.1-1

python3-reportbug suggests no packages.

-- no debconf information

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