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Wed Aug 2 09:29:06 UTC 2006

Newton Ugbidia foundation        (The voice of suffering prisoners)
          Treichville, Abidjan,
             Ivory Coast.
     This is a commission received in the prison and began in the prison.africa is a place where prisoners suffer behind measure, unlike the western world where prison is called the department of correction.Here in Africa we believe that no good thing come can out from  a prisoner, for this reason, they are highly maltreated by prison security.
    Some time 2004 while in Libya prison, this commission came to me through divine inspiration to care for prisoners. i never consider my state, but began this duty, by sending materials and some other things to high sentenced prisoners.i contacted pastor DAVID WITT in Arizona,us, who send some some books which i distributed to fellow prisoners, also JOYCE MAYER but her parkage was rejected by Libya security agency.
    Here in Africa cases are not investgated, and this has send many innocent to prison suffering for what they don't know.
    Newton Ugbidia decided to be their voice in the free world , bringing aids to suffering prisoners in all parts of Africa,Africa prisoners don't have access to books and other materials that can change their orientation for good, no food, if people in the free world can hunger, then, what did you think about the prisoners? no clothes to wear.i am here blowing the trumpet of the suffering prisoners,asking for your support so that this foundation can fulfill her vision.
    Every $100,clothes, books, tapes, magazine and other materials which you will send, will be highly appreciated and meanfully use.there are clothes, books, tapes, and magazines which may not be useful to you presently but will play big role in many people life like prisoners here in Africa.
    Do hesitate to send your little quater to this foundation growth and effectiveness to her duty.your fund can be send through western union, while materials through postage.
                     your assitance is highly needed.
                          Newton  Ugbidia

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