[Secure-testing-team] Removed inactive members

Nico Golde debian-secure-testing+ml at ngolde.de
Mon Dec 3 17:55:06 UTC 2007

Hi Kees,
* Kees Cook <kees at outflux.net> [2007-12-03 18:44]:
> On Mon, Dec 03, 2007 at 12:14:44PM -0500, Micah Anderson wrote:
> > removed user	jamie-guest
> Jamie was added to help with Ubuntu/Debian security team synchronization
> (he's on the Ubuntu security team with me).  I'd like to leave him with
> access to commit, but I'm okay if we should wait to request re-activation
> until we have a bunch of things ready.  Which makes sense here?

If I remember correctly he was added like 2 month ago and 
has not committed anything until now. I think the best way 
would be to just readd him if he really needs the rights. 
But I personally also don't have anything against adding him 
again right now if you give your word that this won't become 
another dead item in the list :)
Kind regards
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