[Secure-testing-team] Removed inactive members

Nico Golde debian-secure-testing+ml at ngolde.de
Mon Dec 3 18:32:46 UTC 2007

Hi Eder,
* Eder L. Marques <frolic at debian-ce.org> [2007-12-03 19:27]:
> Micah Anderson escreveu:
> > In the interests of transparancy, I thought I should send something to
> > the list about recent removals I did from the project. I went through
> > the alioth project and removed all members who had not committed
> > anything in more than half a year (there were several who had never
> > committed). 
> In fact, I had very smaller contributed to the project.
> My last commit to SVN was 10-02-2007, just fixing some NFU's.

This also helps :)

> I don't contribute more because I don't know why. I had a conversation
> on IRC about this, a month ago, I think.
> I still wanting to work with this team.
> If I need be more active to get my SVN account again, no problems.

Since its useful to have an SVN account to contribute I 
readded your account.
The best start is reading the narrative_introduction and 
then looking at Todo or unfixed items in the CVE/list.
By this checking unstable issues at the first place is a 
good start. If you do this for some time and become 
comfortable with the system have a look at:
for items that could need a fix in testing and start 
preparing an update. Basically all that is needed can be 
found in doc/

> Is there a mentoring program to help-me get more involved?
> (and maybe answer some newbie/nonsense question) :)

Feel free to ask any remaining question on this list or in 

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