[Secure-testing-team] Embedded dietlibc in ccontrol

Ted Percival ted at midg3t.net
Sun Dec 9 11:55:44 UTC 2007

Moritz Muehlenhoff wrote:
>>> * Ted Percival <ted at midg3t.net> [2007-10-15 09:03]:
>>>> ccontrol statically links in dietlibc. I guess it should be added to the 
>>>> list of packages with embedded code, unless static linking is handled 
>>>> separately.
> Indeed, linking against dietlibc should only be done for special cases
> like bootloader environments or such, glibc provides several security
> features missing in dietlibc or uclibc.

As of ccontrol 0.9.1+20071204-1, it is now dynamically linked with glibc 
on all platforms. Thanks for the suggestion :)


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