[Secure-testing-team] #469462: X access wide open on LTSP clients

Nico Golde debian-secure-testing+ml at ngolde.de
Tue Mar 11 20:38:17 UTC 2008

Hi vagrant,
* vagrant at freegeek.org <vagrant at freegeek.org> [2008-03-11 21:13]:
> due to slow buildd's, it has been quite some time since ldm has migrated
> from unstable to testing (mainly mips*, though others as well).
> because of that, the version of ldm in testing is basically incompatible
> with the version of ltsp in testing (scripts to run ldm from ltsp were
> moved from the ltsp-client-core package into ldm itself), so simply
> patching the version of ldm in testing for security only issues would
> not really be particularly useful.

Sorry but I don't get it. Why is it a problem to upload a 
patched version to testing that fixes this issue?

> so i'm wondering what the options are for getting a fixed ldm package
> into testing.

The other option would be to ask Steve Langasek from the 
release team to bump the priority of ldm in the NEEDS-BUILD 
queues of these build daemons.
Kind regards
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