[Secure-testing-team] lua and tolua embedded in enigma

Jakub Wilk ubanus at users.sf.net
Tue Dec 8 15:04:14 UTC 2009


* Erich Schubert <erich at debian.org>, 2009-12-08, 01:47:
>lua and tolua source are embedded in "enigma".
>It seems currenlty not possible to untangle this easily, since enigma is
>built using C++ and liblua is build with plain C, which apparently
>breaks exception handling. Therefore it seems it would be required to
>have C++ built lua packages in Debian to resolve this.

Did you talk with lua maintainers about this? Maybe it would be possible 
to build a binary package with C++-enabled version of lua.

There is an open RFP bug for tolua++: http://bugs.debian.org/446020.
A few other packages could benefit from having it packaged.

Anyway, I've updated the embedded-code-copies files. Thanks for your 

Jakub Wilk
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