[DSE-User] cant start xorg, selinux error: line 0 has invalid context

debain at lavabit.com debain at lavabit.com
Sat Oct 15 20:42:43 UTC 2011

> On Fri, 14 Oct 2011, debain at lavabit.com wrote:
>> I installed debian wheezy and tried to configure selinux. I followed the
>> directions posted in the Debian Wiki [1] and activated selinux through
> At this time SE Linux is not expected to work on Wheezy.  Bugs have been
> filed
> and I'll fix it as soon as I get time.
> Squeeze works pretty well.
> If you have some time to contribute to SE Linux development then that
> would be
> great!  Otherwise SE Linux on Wheezy is not for you at the moment.

Well, where is the overview for people who are interested in SE Linux
development? I would like to contribute, but dont really know what must be
done and therefore cant say if i am able to contribute. If the overview
doesnt exist, you could give me a starting point, then i would try to
write one, so others who want to contribute would benefit from my learning
experience. Obviously, i miss(ed?) some overview/introduction pages 

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