[Simple-cdd-devel] Bug#569121: tasksel: busybox is not included in base list

Vagrant Cascadian vagrant at freegeek.org
Thu Feb 18 19:19:31 UTC 2010

On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 11:54:31PM -0500, Prema wrote:
>     could you tell us what arguments you used, if any?
>     what version of simple-cdd and debian-cd you have installed?
> I just specified debian_mirror  option alone..I think that should be a
> problem..
> simple-cdd    0.3.12
> debian-cd      3.1.2

what mirror did you use? i had no problems using debian.osuosl.org.

>     where exactly did you get this error message?
>     can you check if busybox was actually present on the CD image?
>     after working around a problem with the bootloader (seems debian-cd in sid
>     needs to be updated), i was able to install without problem.
> I got this error  after partitioning , when it trys to install base system..
> yeah I did check and busybox package was not there in the CD..

i wasn't able to get that version of debian-cd to produce a working CD because
of another bug:


i could work around it by manually editing the boot lines at boot, but i was
still unable to reproduce the problem.

>     unfortunately because of that, simple-cdd is rather difficult to test in
>     testing/unstable without manual configuration and preparation by the user
>     (though generally works with stable releases).
> Yeah I agree.. but I got a similar erro in the lenny stable release as well..


>     could you try again with profiles/default.conf:
>      # use daily built debian-installer images
>      export DI_WWW_HOME="default"
>      # use an alternate copy of debian-cd
>      debian_cd_dir=/path/to/debian-cd
>     where /path/to/debian-cd is a directory created with:
>      svn co svn://svn.debian.org/debian-cd/trunk debian-cd
>     see if that works any better?
> This also didnt help and am struck with the same error..by default busybox is
> not gettting inside the CD image..

using debian-cd from svn, i was unable to reproduce the problem.

perhaps there was something (temporarily) wrong with the mirror? could you
clear out the simple-cdd/tmp directory and try again with a different mirror?

can you check if busybox is included in the cd image itself:

  lesspipe foo.iso | grep busybox

live well,

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