[Teammetrics-discuss] GsoC Project Weekly Report 1

Andreas Tille andreas at an3as.eu
Tue May 15 06:50:06 UTC 2012

On Tue, May 15, 2012 at 12:52:28AM +0530, Sukhbir Singh wrote:
> While I really like D3, please don't forget that we also need to have
> a JavaScript-free version of the `Team Metrics' project :) That is
> very important perhaps in many ways more than the JS version (Andreas
> please comment on this).

I can confirm that finally people would be keen on "lynx-enabled" pages
- so yes despite all beauty of JS-features we also should gain for
simplicity.  I would care more for some control logic like:

 1. How to reasonable select 1 team
 2. How to reasonable select X teams for comparative display
 3. What measures (mailing list activity, commits, closed bugs, uploads)
    should be displayed in 1. and 2.)
 4. Selecting a certain time span for 1. and 2.
 5. How can I ask for a team not yet in the statistics
 6. ...

Getting a really *usable* interface for interaction (even with lynx/w3m)
in the first place would be cool and for sure it does not harm if it
looks nice in graphics enabled browsers.  I do not really claim that the
existing graphs produced using GNU R are nice but these work for the
moment.  Depending on how far we might stretch the feature selection we
will be able to decide whether we need dynamically created graphs or
whether a set of static graphs (in whatever way they might be created
finally) will do as well.  If we for instance consider it a good idea to
display a selectable set of teams in a selectable time frame static
graphs are out and we need some dynamic rendering (I have not yet made
up my mind whether this should be done on server or client side - no
strong feeling about this).
> > 2) I also had a look into the jqPlot[3] library for graph
> > visualization. It is pretty straight forward and can be used without
> > much effort but any customization, if required, will be quiet
> > difficult so I personally prefer D3 over this library.
> That is up to you -- go with whatever you feel you like and you are
> more comfortable with. This is a freedom that I personally value
> because when I was a student, I could work using any library/ toolkit
> I liked. That really helped me.

> > 4) I have sent a mail to the debian-services-admin list in addition to
> > the DSA list so that a web framework could be fixed for this project.
> Enrico wrote a nice and detailed reply. Follow-up with him if required.

Following Enrico has proven to be a reasonable thing to do. :-)
> Everything is good for now and I feel Andreas also agrees, so don't worry :)


Kind regards



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