[Teammetrics-discuss] Linking Different Metrics

Sukhbir Singh sukhbir.in at gmail.com
Wed May 23 10:01:41 UTC 2012


> Oh, I thought we'll be using a separate repository for this. I have

No, we are going to use this repository only!

> So what I would say is move the current source to its own
> subdirectory. I'll code the Interface in another subdirectory.
> Probably we can have a common config subdirectory and a tests
> subdirectory. Something like this. What say?
> src
> |-- config (Common files)
> |-- data (Current code)
> |-- tests
> `-- web (The one i'll be writing)

In theory, yes we might but for now, you just need access to: the
database (independent of layout), etc/teammetrics/*.conf (already in a
directory). So let's leave it as it is for now and I will change it
later. You can create a `web' directory and start your work there.

(Your idea is good but the reason I don't want to get into this now is
that I will need to update these changes and I have to take out time
for it :)


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