[Utnubu-discuss] Checked package: gnome-screensaver

Joachim Breitner nomeata at debian.org
Sat Jul 16 20:58:25 UTC 2005


maintainer for gnome-screensaver in ubuntu is seb123 at debian.org

Here a irc log:

<nomeata> seb128: I see you maintain gnome-screensaver in ubuntu
<nomeata> seb128: are you planning on uploading it to debian, too?
<seb128> nomeata: correct and no
<nomeata> seb128: any particular reason for that?
<seb128> I'm busy enough without handling the Debian bug for new
<nomeata> seb128: sorry, but this you have to explain to me: how is
uploading it to debian, too add the work for you?
<seb128> nomeata: if I upload I'll be the maintainer, bugs will be
assigned to me, and I'm too busy to reply to these bugs
<nomeata> seb128: but aren't the same bugs in ubuntu, too?
<seb128> nomeata: that's not a good maintainship, I prefer to let it for
somebody who has interest to hack on it and debug issues
<nomeata> seb128: so you would not mind if someone took your ubuntu
package and upload it, as the maintainer, to debian?
<seb128> nomeata: no, we don't have strong maintainship for Ubuntu, no
"that's my package" and "you have to NMU to fix something"
<seb128> nomeata: if he maintains it correctly no pb
<nomeata> ok

So this is a first candidate for team maintainership. I will ask for svn

Greetings to this still empty list,


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