[Utnubu-discuss] Re: packaging gparted for debian ?

Daniel Holbach dh at mailempfang.de
Tue Jul 26 12:00:53 UTC 2005

Hello Sven,

could you please have a look at 
+cvs2005061901-0ubuntu1.diff.gz ?

Am Sonntag, den 24.07.2005, 13:21 +0200 schrieb Sven Luther:
> Well, whatever, you have tons of diffs in .diff.gz outside the /debian repo,
> corresponding in part to auto* crap, but in part to the +stuff-from-cvs patch,
> which whatever you are using cannot be elegant in any way.

I find this in the .diff.gz:

daniel at bert:~$ zgrep -e ^\-\-\- gparted_0.0.8+cvs2005061901-0ubuntu1.diff.gz
--- gparted-0.0.8+cvs2005061901.orig/debian/changelog
--- gparted-0.0.8+cvs2005061901.orig/debian/gparted.sgml
--- gparted-0.0.8+cvs2005061901.orig/debian/compat
--- gparted-0.0.8+cvs2005061901.orig/debian/rules
--- gparted-0.0.8+cvs2005061901.orig/debian/control
--- gparted-0.0.8+cvs2005061901.orig/debian/copyright
--- gparted-0.0.8+cvs2005061901.orig/debian/gparted.png.uuencoded
--- gparted-0.0.8+cvs2005061901.orig/debian/patches/privileged.patch
--- gparted-0.0.8+cvs2005061901.orig/debian/patches/changed-menu-icon.patch
daniel at bert:~$

> All changes should be in the debian directory, not like you do.

See above.

> Friendly,

Could you please re-read your mail? I don't consider it friendly at all.
You talk about 
      * "tons of diffs" - i see two.
      * you talk about "crap" - that's not very nice.
      * you say that the package is not "elegant in any way".

I *do* want to cooperate, but you don't give a single advice or any help
to make the package suit you better.

Please let us make the conversation problem- or even better

Thanks a lot,

PS: I cc'ed Alexander Fieroch <fieroch at web.de>, who filed an ITP for

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