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Kindly take a little time to read this mail and respond accordingly. In as
much as this may come to you as a surprise, kindly pay good attention to it
as opportunity they say comes but ones.

Without taking much of your time, i wish to introduce myself. My name is
Tony Anthony, a British and a banker by profession. I worked with a Bank,
London for ten years and in the cause of my work, i discovered so many bank
accounts that have been dormant for ages. This is owing to many facts such
as death of account holder, etc.

One particular account caught my attention as the sum of Twenty Million
Pounds (GBP 20,000,000.00) in it was too much to be abandoned without a
cause. This raised my curiosity and i personally investigated the account
to come to realization that the account holder was a foreign businessman
who has died in his country as a result of car crash. His family and
relatives does not know that this account existed and as such cannot put
any claim.

The name he wrote as his next of kin upon opening the account is fictitious
as my investigation turned out that such a person is non existent. I have
for a couple of years now been searching for someone who has the same name
as the next of kin and lucky enough i stumbled into you.

As it stands now, all i need from you is your consent to front you as the
next of kin so that we can make claim of the funds. Be rest assured that
there is no risk associated with this as all necessary findings have been
made by me.

I look forward to you reply to enable me throw more light on the process of
claim application and for us to agree on how to share the money once it is

Thanks in anticipation of your urgent response.

Yours faithfully,

Tony Anthony
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