[Vrms-devel] Hello Dear Beneficiary , ATM-CARD

Barrister Yakubam barrbam at outlook.com
Wed Dec 27 17:23:13 UTC 2017

                          Adderss: City Abome-Calavi Republic Du Benin-Cotonou
                            02: ONG Abome-Calavi BR: 02- Yakubam Chambers
                              Chambers E-mail (yakubam at safe-mail.net)

Hello Dear

I am Barrister Yakubam a lawyer in Cotonou Benin Republic. Mr. Jorge, a gold merchant, who was my client died as a result of lung cancer.

Now I want to present you as the next of kin, to Mr. Jorge Bank so that the money left behind by Mr. Jorge, can be transfer to your account through my help.

The money value of $ 10.5Million (Ten million five hundred thousand united states dollars) was deposited in a bank here by Mr. Jorge before his Death on 23 November 2016.

Further explanation, try get back to me soon.

Best regards,
Barrister Yakubam LLB
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