[Adduser-devel] Using user groups or a "users" group is a setting in adduser not passwd

Christian Perrier bubulle@debian.org
Mon, 20 Jun 2005 08:48:20 +0200

Marc and adduser maintainers,

In 57280, the bug submitter requests that:

"When the administrator is asked to create a normal user account,
base-config should first ask if the admin wishes to use the default
`user groups' or the more traditional `users' group and explain each
setup a little, assuming debconf is set for a priority of normal or
higher. I use the `users' group myself, and I'm not fond of manually
fixing my `admin' user back from the `user groups' configuration after
my base system is installed. Having base-config actually ask would be
a better and more complete solution."

The bug was initially sent to base-config as it was raised during an
initial install.

Then it was reassigned to passwd as base-config just calls
"dpkg-reconfigure passwd".

However, passwd.config code indeed creates the user with adduser if it
is here...and useradd if it is not.

In the former case, it then uses adduser defaults (user groups) and in
the latter it uses useradd defaults (group 100 as primary group).

The only way I see to give users some control about this would be
adding a debconf dialog to adduser so that it prompts for setting up
user groups(at low level probably) when installed.

So, this would turn this bug into a wishlist bug against adduser...

Do you have thoughts about this?